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Oil dipsticks for motorcycles

After the success of the self-locking fuel caps produced by us since 1998, Harley-Davidson commissioned us to develop and product other accessory parts for motorcycles from 2000 onwards, though this time using electronic components and sensors. Our first products in this series were oil dipsticks with integrated digital temperature display. This solution developed and patented by our specialists combines high-tech with the hallmark classic design of Harley-Davidson motorbikes.


Oil dipstick (plug, screw, ball detent)

Our oil dipsticks with integrated electronic oil temperature display illustrate how electronic components are able to operate even when exposed to extreme temperatures. These products meet the requirements of the international automotive industry. Whether the tank is sealed by a plug or a cap depends on the production method and the specific requirements. High-precision sensors not only measure the temperature of the engine oil but are also capable of measuring and indicating the oil level using a specialized sensor technology. The high-end chrome surfaces of our oil dipsticks are designed to meet the most stringent quality criteria.


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