Gaslight® Explosion-proof LED light

The practical and innovative GASLIGHT® will finally shed some light in the darkness for gas bottle lockers. The universal LED light for environments where there is an explosion hazard is the ideal way to provide optimum lighting for gas bottle lockers on mobile homes and caravans. Having developed the GASLEVEL® Classic gas level indicator and the GASLEVEL® gas reserve indicator with external display, Gaslock GmbH has now come up with another innovative accessory that will please owners of caravans, mobile homes and camper vans.

GASLIGHT® measures just 14 x 1.8 x 0.8 cm and can thus be fitted in hard-to-reach areas to optimum effect. The waterproof, unbreakable LED light can be used to fully illuminate the gas bottle locker even in absolute darkness. Because it has ATEX explosion-proof certification, GASLIGHT® can be safely used inside the gas bottle locker and, even should gas escape, there is no risk of explosion.

The associated power supply unit is also explosion-proof according to ATEX-Zone 1 standards and therefore offers every user the greatest possible safety.

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Areas of use

Owners of caravans, mobile homes and camper vans will be very pleased because at last they can have a permanent light for their gas bottle locker. It is possible to choose whether GASLIGHT® is to be operated by means of the existing light switch or whether a separate switch is required. A separate power supply unit enables the LED light also to be powered from a mains power socket, but in this case it cannot be used in the gas bottle locker.

The explosion-proof LED light is mounted in the gas bottle locker by means of two screws (included in delivery). After this, the three meter power cable must be routed through the interior of the car to the associated 4.5 Volt power supply unit, which is also explosion-proof. Finally the entire unit is connected to the car’s 12 or 24 Volt line.

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  • PP plastic casing
  • Encapsulated connector cable
  • 3 meter connector cable
  • 12/24 Volt capability
  • Waterproof and unbreakable
  • Produced in Iserlohn / Germany
  • Dimensions L / W / H: 140 mm / 18 mm / 8 mm
  •  Light: II 2G Ex ib IIB T4 Gb / Power-supply unit: II (2)G [Ex ib Gb] IIB


You can download the operating instructions here.


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    The waterproof, unbreakable LED light GASLIGHT® will shed some light in the darkness for gas bottle lockers.