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Our level indicators are perfect for your products too

GASLEVEL® is an indicator based on ultrasound sensors - an innovative accessory which is perfect for devices that run on propane gas. These include gas-powered barbecues, patio heaters for outdoor catering, heaters and stoves in caravans, motorhomes and boats and flame-throwers for the craft trades (e.g. as used by roofers).

Our level indicators based on ultrasound technology can also be used to measure water levels, for example. Are you looking for added value accessories for your products? Get in touch with us! We'd be happy to collaborate with you to develop a high-quality technical solution – whether a water level indicator or a completely new application.

We specialize in the development and production of complex accessory parts for manufacture in small and medium-size series. For example we developed self-locking fuel caps, oil dipsticks and fuel gauges for Harley-Davidson which are still highly popular among motorcyclists.

After intensive preliminary talks, the joint development process starts with the compilation of a feasibility study. The production concept is then drawn up and implemented. After this, production can begin. We also take care of the necessary certification.     

We look forward to hearing from you!