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INDY-CATOR® gear display

While we primarily designed the self-locking fuel cap, the oil dipstick and the fuel gauge for the Harley-Davidson accessory range, INDY-CATOR® is an LCD gear display knob which we developed entirely in-house and independently of any automobile brand. 

Our gear knob is designed as a retrofit tuning product. The gear display is digital and illuminated. INDY-CATOR® not only allows you to enhance automobile styling it also improves driving safety and fuel consumption. It is simple to install and connect to your car's power supply and comes with a manual and an installation kit with four mounting options. 



  • The digital gear display INDY-CATOR-DASH was developed for cars with reverse gear locking and does not require the gear knob to be replaced. The circular instrument is available in two different housing and ring variants. There is a choice of black gloss, satin chrome or matt black with soft-touch surface and the product can be individually combined with all other INDY-CATOR versions. After calibration, INDY-CATOR-DASH displays the current gear. The color of the display can be freely selected to match the lighting scheme of the car's dashboard.
  • INDY-CATOR-VOLT displays the current load status of the battery. 
  • INDY-CATOR-G is an acceleration meter which displays the g-forces acting on the car when cornering, accelerating and braking. The highest figures are stored and displayed when the engine is started.



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The new LCD gear knob INDY-CATOR is not just an unusual styling element, it can also help reduce fuel consumption in conjunction with the appropriate driving style. It features an extravagant, sporty look combined with economic efficiency. The gear knob with LCD gear display fits on all manual gearboxes with up to six gears (except for gear levers with reverse gear locking) regardless of the make of the car, and it is designed to work with all conceivable shift patterns.


A light sensor in the INDY-CATOR adapts the brightness of the digital display to the ambient light by means of an automatic dimmer function, guaranteeing perfect readability at all times.


The INDY-CATOR gear knob by GASLOCK is available in various versions for a perfect match with any interior. It is very simple to connect the INDY-CATOR to the car's power supply and program it by means of teach allocation. Anyone who has ever used the INDY-CATOR in their car will never want to do without this additional feature in future. Find out for yourself!




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INDY-CATOR Mounting kit



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