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SMD Technology

Our company specializes in the development, manufacture and testing of PCBs and electronics modules.


As a specialized supplier we produce precisely according to your manufacturing or design specifications and we are able to manufacture and assemble mechanical components or entire modules for you.


We're here to support you - whether for individual fitting or complete assembly. State-of-the-art equipment and our experienced team of technicians enable us to supply high-quality products to your specifications.


We can also help if your project is not yet fully developed for production or you require support with conception. With our design expertise we can help you solve complex assembly issues.


We have the expertise and the resources to carry out the entire process – from engineering through to procurement, production and testing of PCBs/devices/machines for the end customer.


Our range of services


  • SMD and conventional PCB assembly
  • Unit and system assembly
  • Production in small to medium-size series
  • Special models
  • Individual components
  • Programming and testing
  • Engineering