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From the idea through to serial production – everything from a single source

In addition to creating and producing our own product ideas, we also develop and manufacture products to customer specifications.

You too can benefit from our longstanding experience, highly flexible production and worldwide supplier network. We often incorporate different technology platforms in the development of new products. Atypical components or technologies might provide a product with additional functions – creating a unique selling point, for example. Our in-house development departments for electronic circuits and 3D casing use compatible software solutions, so the PCB layout can accommodate the casing design and vice versa.

Our cutting-edge SMD circuit board production is optimized for flexibility: combined with an in-house, high-performance plastics injection molding unit, a partly automated wiring harness production facility, 30 assembly workstations and our very own packaging line, we are able to guarantee short lead times and flexible order handling, especially for small to medium-size series.