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From harley fuel caps to gas level indicators

Our company originally goes back to the motorcycle dealership and Harley-Davidson outlet belonging to master motorcycle mechanic and Gaslock founder Jörg Lienenkamp. At the time there was a constant demand for lockable Harley fuel caps and since nothing was available on the market at the time, Lienenkamp developed a solution under contract to Harley-Davidson, initially in collaboration with an automobile supplier and from 1998 as an independent initiative. Gaslock GmbH was born.


The company quickly began to specialize in complex, high-end technology products manufactured in small and medium-size series. Managing director Jörg Lienenkamp and his team became increasingly well established and Harley-Davidson commissioned us to develop other accessory parts such as oil dipsticks and fuel gauges.


In 2005 our team added our first in-house product to the portfolio: we launched the INDY-CATOR®, an LCD gear display knob for manual gearboxes on the accessory market in the automotive sector. Other versions of the INDY-CATOR® followed.


Our next major innovation and our entry into the leisure market came in 2010 with GASLEVEL® – a gas level indicator based on ultrasound sensor technology and used for such purposes as camping, boats and outdoor heaters. We also developed the GASLEVEL® Stick for the international market.


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