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Customers and sectors

  • Motorcycle manufacturers

    The name and origin of Gaslock GmbH go back to a product developed for Harley-Davidson: the self-locking fuel cap. In 1998, company founder and master motorcycle mechanic Jörg Lienenkamp discovered a niche in the motorcycle accessory market and went to work on it. Since then we have produced other complex accessory parts for Harley-Davidson, too, such as oil dipsticks and fuel gauges.


  • Automotive sector

    Independently of any car brand we developed the INDY-CATOR® – a universal LCD gear display knob for manual gearboxes, thereby extending our expertise in manufacturing technologically sophisticated accessory parts to the automotive industry.


  • Leisure market

    Since 2010 we have offered a level indicator for propane gas canisters based on ultrasound technology under the brand name of GASLEVEL®. This device measures the fill level of gas canisters used for barbecues or on campsites. GASLEVEL® is also used in the skilled craft trades (e.g. by roofers), by caterers (for outdoor heaters) and by caravan fitters.