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Modern production facilities in Iserlohn

Our production facilities for self-locking fuel caps, oil dipsticks, fuel gauges, gear indicators and gas level indicators are cutting-edge and even include some equipment we developed ourselves. This allows us to ensure the high level of product quality as reflected our long-term business partnership with Harley-Davidson – a collaboration which goes back to when Gaslock was originally founded.


Electronics modules

Our soldering paste printers optimized for flexibility, SMD component assembly units and vapor phase soldering machines enable us to produce top-quality PMBs with low rejection rates and highly flexible order processing.

Some of our circuit boards and sensors are over-molded using thermoplastics – an area in which we are highly experienced.


Manual assembly

On the final assembly line our well-trained specialists work at ergonomically designed workstations. We use island assembly or individual assembly lines depending on the product and our packaging line can be applied flexibly.

Engraving, labeling

Whether stainless steel, aluminum, brass or plastic - we label our products at the end of the production process by means of laser engraving and pad printing.


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