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Gaslock - Sensoren, Tankverschlüsse, Zubehörteile und Füllstandsanzeiger

From IDEA to SERIAL PRODUCTION – our full service

In addition to creating and producing our own product ideas, we also develop and manufacture products to customer specifications.

You too can benefit from our longstanding experience, highly flexible production and worldwide supplier network. We often incorporate different technology platforms in the development of new products. Atypical components or technologies might provide a product with additional functions – creating a unique selling point, for example. Our in-house development departments for electronic circuits and 3D casing use compatible software solutions, so the PCB layout can accommodate the casing design and vice versa.


Our cutting-edge SMD circuit board production is optimized for flexibility: combined with an in-house, high-performance plastics injection molding unit, a partly automated wiring harness production facility, 30 assembly workstations and our very own packaging line, we are able to guarantee short lead times and flexible order handling, especially for small to medium-size series.

Our company originally goes back to the motorcycle dealership and Harley Davidson outlet belonging to master motorcycle mechanic and Gaslock founder Jörg Lienenkamp. At the time there was a constant demand for lockable Harley fuel caps and since nothing was available on the market at the time, Lienenkamp developed a solution under contract to Harley Davidson, initially in collaboration with an automobile supplier and from 1998 as an independent initiative. Gaslock GmbH was born.
Specialists for technical solutions
The company quickly began to specialize in complex, high-end technology products manufactured in small and medium-size series. Managing director Jörg Lienenkamp and his team became increasingly well established and Harley Davidson commissioned us to develop other accessory parts such as oil dipsticks and fuel gauges.
In 2005 our team added our first in-house product to the portfolio: we launched the INDY-CATOR®, an LCD gear display knob for manual gearboxes on the accessory market in the automotive sector. Other versions of the INDY-CATOR® followed.
Our next major innovation and our entry into the leisure market came in 2010 with GASLEVEL® - a gas level indicator based on ultrasound sensor technology and used for such purposes as camping, boats and outdoor heaters. We also developed the GASLEVEL® Stick for the international market. Are you interested in our technical products and development services? If so, we'd be pleased to hear from you!


Gaslock Produktion - Alles aus einer Hand. Von der thermoplastischen Kunststoffverarbeitung bis zur SMD Platinenbestückung

Our production facilities for self-locking fuel caps, oil dipsticks, fuel gauges, gear indicators and gas level indicators are cutting-edge and even include some equipment we developed ourselves. This allows us to ensure the high level of product quality as reflected our long-term business partnership with Harley Davidson  – a collaboration which goes back to when Gaslock was originally founded.

Electronics modules

Our soldering paste printers optimized for flexibility, SMD component assembly units and vapor phase soldering machines enable us to produce top-quality PMBs with low rejection rates and highly flexible order processing.

Some of our circuit boards and sensors are over-molded using thermoplastics – an area in which we are highly experienced.

Manual assembly

On the final assembly line our well-trained specialists work at ergonomically designed workstations. We use island assembly or individual assembly lines depending on the product and our packaging line can be applied flexibly.

Engraving, labeling

Whether stainless steel, aluminum, brass or plastic – we label our products at the end of the production process by means of laser engraving and pad printing.

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We have developed and produced self-locking fuel caps for Harley Davidson motorcycles since 1998 and gear indicators for the automotive industry since 2005. Since then we rapidly expanded our product portfolio by developing level indicators for oil, fuel, gas and water. With over 15 years of experience we now have an extensive range of technological expertise:


since 1998
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