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Our expertise in the development and production of ultrasound-based level  indicators enabled us to create our own product, too.  Since 2010 we have offered a level indicator for propane gas canisters called GASLEVEL®.

Just 6 cm high, 3 cm wide and 1.5 cm thick, the device is very practical and uses ultrasound. Within seconds it measures the level of gas remaining in 5 kg, 11 kg and 33 kg propane gas canisters. The GASLEVEL® Classic has a magnetic back, so you simply place it up against the gas canister and move it downwards until the indicator changes from red to green –  when it reaches the area filled with liquid gas. The device even works with aluminum gas canisters if it is pressed against the canister manually.


While we primarily designed the self-locking fuel cap, the oil dipstick and the fuel gauge for the Harley Davidson accessory range, INDY-CATOR® is an LCD gear display knob which we developed entirely in-house and independently of any automobile brand.

Our gear knob is designed as a retrofit tuning product. The gear display is digital and illuminated. INDY-CATOR® not only allows you to enhance automobile styling it also improves driving safety and fuel consumption. It is simple to install and connect to your car’s power supply and comes with a manual and an installation kit with four mounting options.

GASLEVEL® with externay display

GASLEVEL® Stick is also manufactured using quality-certified production facilities and processes in Iserlohn (made in Germany). The device meets statutory regulations (EU Directive EMC 2004/108/EC) and is also suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (EX * II 3 G Ex nA IIA T3) in industry.


A universally usable explosion proof light for potentially explosive environments (e.g. gas lockers): The GASLIGHT®. Once again, the German company GASLOCK GmbH was concerned about the situation within gas lockers and other potentially explosive areas. With the assistance of this perfectly working, practical and reasonably priced ATEX approved light for caravan and motor-home gas lockers, it is time to let light into the darkness of your gas locker.


With the help of this handy GASLOCK® it is over with worn union nuts of pressure regulators. By opening the GASLOCK® the regulator can easily screw and unscrew to the cylinder valve. The integrated magnet also saves you searching for a suitable tool, because the GASLOCK® permanently adhered to the bottle.


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