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Whether high-quality accessories for the Harley-Davidson brand, universal styling elements for car drivers or compact level indicators for gas cylinders – we have been developing innovative and reliable products for our customers for more than 15 years.

We have been a supplier for the motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson since the company was founded. From the beginning and still today we produce lockable fuel caps for the American cult brand. Over time, other patented Harley accessories were added. Since 2000, we have been producing oil dipsticks with integrated digital temperature display. Somewhat later, the production of gasoline status indicators was added.


Lockable fuel caps for Harley-Davidson were and are our founding product. In 1998, Jörg Lienenkamp founded Gaslock GmbH. As a master motorcycle mechanic and motorcycle dealer, the idea came to him back in 1995 due to great demand from his customers. After some discussions, Harley-Davidson finally gave the go-ahead for development in 1997. To this day, lockable Harley fuel caps are an integral part of the cult motorcycle manufacturer’s range of accessories.


Following the success of the lockable fuel caps we have been producing since 1998, Harley-Davidson commissioned us to develop and produce further accessories for motorcycles from 2000 onwards, but this time with electronic assemblies and sensors. Our first product in this series were oil dipsticks with integrated digital temperature display. The solution developed and patented by our specialists combines high-tech with the classic design typical of Harley motorcycles.

The Innovations

With GASLEVEL ® we offer a gas level indicator based on ultrasonic sensors, which is an innovative accessory that increases the usefulness of equipment that requires propane gas. These include, for example, gas grills, radiant heaters for outdoor catering, heaters and stoves in caravans, motor homes and boats, and flame throwers in the craft sector (e.g. for roofers).

However, our ultrasonic level indicators are also suitable as water level gauges. Are you looking for added value accessories for your products? Contact us! We work with you to develop a high-quality technical solution. These can be water level indicators or completely new applications.

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