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Whether high-end accessory items for the brand Harley Davidson, universal styling elements for motorists or compact level indicators for gas canisters: we have been developing innovative and reliable products for our customers for more than 15 years.

We have been a supplier to the motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson ever since our company was founded. To this day we produce self-locking fuel caps for the American cult brand, and over the years we have added other patented Harley accessory products to our portfolio. Since 2000 we have produced oil dipsticks with integrated digital temperature display, while somewhat later we started producing fuel gauges.



Our very first products were self-locking fuel caps produced for Harley Davidson – still part of our product portfolio today. Jörg Lienenkamp founded Gaslock GmbH in 1998. As a master motorcycle mechanic and motorcycle dealer, the idea occurred to him as early on as 1995 in view of the high demand among his customers at the time. After some discussion, Harley Davidson finally gave the green light for development in 1997. The self-locking fuel caps are still a regular feature in the cult motorcycle manufacturer’s range of accessories.


After the success of the self-locking fuel caps produced by us since 1998, Harley Davidson commissioned us to develop and product other accessory parts for motorcycles from 2000 onwards, though this time using electronic components and sensors. Our first products in this series were oil dipsticks with integrated digital temperature display. This solution developed and patented by our specialists combines high-tech with the hallmark classic design of Harley Davidson motorbikes.


We also developed our very own LCD gear display knob for manual gearboxes – the INDY-CATOR®. This universal accessory is an unusual styling element and can also help reduce fuel consumption in conjunction with the appropriate driving style. Other fascinating products have also been developed for motorists including the INDY-CATOR-DASH, showing the gear only, the battery charge status indicator INDY-CATOR-Volt and the acceleration meter INDY-CATOR-G.

GASLEVEL® offers ideal support when using gas-powered outdoor appliances. This universal fill level indicator is ideal for camping and barbecuing, in the catering business and for boat owners since it indicates the fill level of standard gas canisters within seconds. For the international market we developed the universal level indicator GASLEVEL® Stick.


since 1998
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