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GASLEVEL® with external display is a perfect accessory – especially for owners of caravans. A display with LED indicator is mounted inside the caravan and reliably shows the remaining level of gas in the canister. A cable connects the display indicator to a level sensor mounted on the gas canister. This allows you to read off the fill level of commonly available 5 kg, 11 kg and 33 kg gas canisters. The sensor on the gas canister can also be used directly to read off the remaining gas level, so GASLEVEL® with external display actually offers two options for use.





Product specification



The level sensor is fitted with two neodym magnets and is attached vertically to the gas canister. The cable connected to GASLEVEL® runs from the gas canister compartment inside the caravan and is hooked up to the previously mounted display indicator. Once a 12-volt connection has been set up and switched on, the LED display shows green when the sensor detects gas in the canister. As soon as the gas level drops below the mark on the sensor, the LED display turns red.





Technical details



• ABS plastic casing

• Uses ultrasound to identify fill level

• Produced in Iserlohn / Germany

• 3-meter connection cable

• Display with LED indicator and grey cover frame

Sensor: II 2G Ex ib IIB T4 / Display: II (2) G [EX ib] IIB

• manufacturing location Iserlohn / Germany







Level sensor: H / W / T: 65 mm / 30 mm / 15 mm

Display indicator H / W / T: 80 mm / 68 mm/ 8 mm

Cable: 3 meters

Additional information

Technische Details

• ABS-Kunststoffgehäuse

• Level-Messung mit Ultraschall

• Produktionsstandort Iserlohn / Deutschland

• Drei Meter langes Verbindungskabel

• Display mit LED-Anzeige und grauen Abdeckrahmen

• Sensor: II 2G Ex ib IIB T4 / Display: II (2) G [EX ib] IIB

• Produktionsstandort Iserlohn / Deutschland

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