Our very first products were self-locking fuel caps produced for Harley Davidson – still part of our product portfolio today. Jörg Lienenkamp founded Gaslock GmbH in 1998. As a master motorcycle mechanic and motorcycle dealer, the idea occurred to him as early on as 1995 in view of the high demand among his customers at the time. After some discussion, Harley Davidson finally gave the green light for development in 1997. The self-locking fuel caps are still a regular feature in the cult motorcycle manufacturer’s range of accessories.

From the beginning, Gaslock’s self-locking fuel caps did not deviate from the popular shape and dimensions of the original cap, which did not provide a locking function. And Gaslock fuel caps produced especially for Harley Davidson meet the very highest technical standards too.

A sophisticated mechanism causes the cap to lock automatically when screwed on. A key is only required to unlock the cap. This not only makes for easier handling, it also meets high safety requirements.

We look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in having us manufacture similar products in small or medium-size series.

Harley Davidson Tankverschlüsse von Gaslock
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