Fuel Gauge

Fuel Gauge for Harley-Davidson

We have produced very successful self-locking fuel caps for Harley Davidson since 1998: this was the innovative accessory idea which enabled managing director Jörg Lienenkamp to establish Gaslock GmbH. In 2003 we added a digital fuel gauge to our Harley Davidson range.

Up until this time, nobody had thought of mounting modern, high-tech products on the most classic of all motorcycles. Our solution struck a delicate balance here, and we were able to convince Harley-Davidson that combining tradition and modern technology is not necessarily a stylistic inconsistency.

Today we produce more than ten different LED fuel gauges which are visually identical and symmetrical to the fuel cap and remain faithful to their traditional function while at the same time meeting modern motorcycling needs. Special LEDs light up through mirrored, aluminum-coated glass that looks as if it is chrome-plated.

Harley Davidson Tankverschlüsse von Gaslock


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