Our production facilities for lockable fuel caps, oil dipsticks, fuel level indicators, gear indicators and gas level indicators are state-of-the-art and partly developed in-house. In this way, we ensure high product quality, as demonstrated, for example, by the long-standing business relationship with Harley-Davidson that has existed since Gaslock was founded.

Electronics modules

Our solder paste printers, SMD technology (component placers) and vapor phase soldering machines, which are optimized for flexibility, enable PCBs (printed circuit boards) of the highest quality, low reject rates and highly flexible order processing.Some of our PCBs and sensors are overmolded with thermoplastics on our injection molding machines. Here we have gained a lot of experience in so-called "over-molding".

Hand assembly

In final assembly, our well-trained specialists work at ergonomically designed workstations. Depending on the product, we assemble in island assemblies or individual assembly lines. Our packaging line can be used flexibly.

Engravings & Lettering

Whether stainless steel, aluminum, brass or plastic - we mark (label) our products at the end of the production process by laser engraving and pad printing.

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